Festa della Musica - Arco

The Music Festival was born in France, thanks to an initiative of the French Minister of Culture on 21 June 1982. Musicians were invited to perform free of charge in the streets, squares, gardens, courtyards, museums, castles and even in hospitals and retirement homes. 

On this occasion it was also possible to suggest to the great musical institutions (orchestras, operas, choirs, etc..) to open up to new spaces and new genres. 

Since that day, Music Festival has become a great popular event, free of charge, open to all musicians, amateurs or professionals, who wish to perform; on 21 June each year millions of people participate in this event, which mixes all genres of music and is aimed at people with the aim of spreading the practice of music and to familiarize young and old, of all social conditions, to different musical expressions. 

The success of this cultural event has led the Music Festival to spread over 30 years in more than 130 countries and in about 400 cities around the world. The strength of this event has given rise to a European project, in which many European capitals already participate.

The Growth of the Festival

The Music Festival was organized for the first time in Arco in 2004, and has been extended every year in a territory larger and larger than the simply municipal one. 

The event saw not only a large participation of artists and audiences from all over the region, but also an increasing presence of provincial and regional institutions and organizations that promote and practice music in order to present the work of their students and give them the opportunity to have for the first time an important audience. 

The spontaneous participation of the musical realities of our region and the mobilization of many youth associations every year shows that the event has become an authentic social phenomenon in Trentino Alto Adige. During this event, associations, students or amateur groups have the opportunity to bring to the attention of the growing public the result of many hours of work, carried out in the rehearsal rooms, in the cellars or garages on duty. It is an important opportunity to make your art known and transmit your passion to many other people as a result. 

For every artist it is a great satisfaction to be able to capture the attention of people with their art and exchange views, compare with other musicians who come from other cities and other European countries.
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