Fieracavalli Verona - Horse fair in Verona - Verona

Verona and horses - a cultural, historical and economic identity with a very ancient origins. It would be difficult, if not impossible to imagine this city without its horses, the symbol of its essence and internationality.

Verona has always been a milestone in horse breeding and the sale of related products. The first important historical moment in this part of Italy came in 1772, when Bibbiena designed and supervised the construction of the first fair for horses, mules, donkeys, donkeys and mules. For more than 100 years, riding competitions have been organised in a market for the best horses until the decisive moment in 1898. This year marked the beginning of the modern history of the Verona Fair: the first edition of the Horse and Agriculture Fair. Based on a simple horse market, the event has developed exponentially over the years. In 1950 it received the status of an international trade fair and became the most important event in the world of equestrian panorama. In any case, Verona's geographical position puts it at the heart of the trade routes linking the main European markets and it remains to this day a hub for freight and passenger handling.

This important annual event has had a major impact on the region and has stimulated the development of numerous small and medium-sized production companies originally established to support the horse world and its many activities. The event has always had the fundamental ability to preserve the noble and ancient traditions of horses, especially since the post-war period, when remarkable economic and agricultural growth led horses to lose their importance in human life. Fieracavalli is today a "catalyst of interest" not only for lovers, but especially for thousands, especially young people who identify themselves through horses in a new way of life that combines sport, music, design, art, solidarity, history, relaxation, tourism and adventure. 
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