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The mountains on one side and Lake Garda on the other are the backdrop for a unique area to discover: the Tremosine sul Garda. Tremalzo Bike Race is the ideal opportunity to test your skills on the ascent and descent to the Tremalzo Pass, one of the most popular destinations for MTB enthusiasts from half of Europe. 

The mountains on one side and Lake Garda on the other provide the backdrop for a unique area to discover: Tremosine sul Garda.

51 km with a difference in altitude of 2300 m, that even if in some places paths and dirt roads that have written the history of mountain biking in the 90s are now proposed and tackled in the opposite direction, offering a completely different vision than in the past, a new viewpoint that only arouses the right dose of captivating curiosity, that only arouses the desire for adventure and challenge that unites all mountain bikers. But what will this route look like, how will motorcyclists be expected to start and how many emotions will they have to be ready to live in the first person?
The seemingly simple and free of traditional nerve tracts altitude profile can be misleading and may lead to underestimation of the true nature of the breed and the characteristics of the area in which it blows. 
51 km, generally characterized by 28 km of climbing, 22.2 km of descent and only 800 meters of plain, may seem completely irrelevant, but perhaps the slopes that lead almost 35% uphill and 40% downhill may begin to convey a more serious and complete idea of what the Tremalzo Bike Scott hides.
If you need to tell the story of the track, you can more easily divide it into four sections.

The first part is the itinerary covered by the route through the hamlet of Vesio Tremosine, which cyclists will take directly to the hill of Pso, 1800m, Tremalzo with a good 18km ascent. The first 9 km are the most difficult, but the next 2 km offer the opportunity to recover from a gentle descent through beautiful tunnels carved into the rocks up to 1200 m above Pso. Note. From here it is about 7 km to Pso. Tremalzo, the least challenging of the slopes, which include some parts of the armistice, but certainly the most spectacular, is characterised by an endless series of returns reminiscent of the mythical ascent of Stelvio. There are 32 hairpin bends, natural terraces overlooking Lake Garda, interrupted by dark tunnels from the First World War. On this first ascent, it is extremely important to control the forces, not to give everything, because saving more energy can make a big difference on the second ascent.

After the long first ascent, the second part follows, marked by the first real descent, which brings the cyclists back to Tremosine after about 16 km. At the end of the efforts and the beginning of the rapid descent, the crossing of the historic tunnel of Tremalzo, built in 1915 by the army of the Kingdom of Italy to combat the Austro-Hungarian Empire, will be an important border crossing and a work that will allow you to cross the territory of the Alps of Lake Garda even today. The first part of the descent is marked by passages through the meadows and pastures of Tremalzo until, after 8 km, you reach the spectacular "Pisù Falls". Here the descent is interrupted by a short climb of about 1000 metres, at exactly half of it, before it begins again, inexorably and insidiously, on a beaten and treacherous path to the reservoir of San Michele to flow.

The third part begins with the slopes that slowly return to a 2 km long plain that leads to a short single lane that creates a short single lane that ends in the historical centre of the village of Voiandes di Tremosine, where the actual ascent begins with the passage in front of the characteristic church of the country, on the second day, 6 km long and also characterized by wide dirt and beaten roads. The first half is immediately exhausting and the long descent of the Tremalzo was felt in the legs and the muscles cooled, which have to return at this time to press hard. On the contrary, sections with lighter slopes alternate with short cracks on the steepest slopes and test the strength and toughness of the cyclists. The last 500 meters are perhaps the most priceless, because the forces are now at the limit, because the wide road leaves room for a single path in the forest, where even clarity and balance are important.

But now most of it is done and as soon as the ascent is finished, you immediately enter the fourth and last sector, downhill until your arrival. Time to catch your breath, but not yet to drop the guard, because here you don't make jokes and go for the part called Gravity, which is characterized by 5000 m with a negative altitude difference of 630 m. A descent that ends under the flag of arrival is in the village of Vesio di Tremosine. Wide road, no tracks, alternating dirt road with steep and treacherous concrete pieces for an average gradient of almost 20% with pieces up to 40%!
The Tremalzo Bike Scott presents itself unmistakably as a long and exciting challenge, but also as an atmospheric showcase that can arouse the emotion and pleasure of cycling between nature, history and culture in every lover.
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