Estate Teatrale Veronese

The Estate Teatrale Veronese takes place from July until August and is a theater festival where pieces of the famous author William Shakespeare are shown, but also various artists from different genres give concerts at the two venues of the festival.

The Estate Teatrale in Verona
The Estate Teatrale in Verona

The two venues of the Estate Teatrale Veronese are the Teatro Romano and the Teatro Camploy. The Teatro Romano is a semicircular Roman theater which was built 20 B.C... The Teatro Camploy is a historic music house. The festival its self is divided in to 3 parts. The Shakespeare Festival, the Verona Jazz Festival and the Rumors Festival. Additionally there are numerous ballets and dance shows. The Shakespeare festival is the middle of the whole Estate Teatrale Veronese. In honor of the birthday of the famous writer and author William Shakespeare many different pieces written by him are performed. The concerts of the Jazz festival take place in a Roman arena. This cares for a very good acoustic. The Rumors festival is especially for singers. In this challenges only the voice is important.

The Estate Teatrale Veronese is a must of every music and theater fan. And when do you get the possibility to see a piece in an original Raman theater?

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