Isola del Garda

The Isola del Garda is located between the town Salò and Sal Felice del Benaco. With a length of 900 meters, a width of 125 meter, 10 inhabitants and an area of 7 ha it is the largest island in Lake Garda.

Isola del Garda from air
Isola del Garda from air

Tombstones from the Gallo-Roman Epoque showed that the Isola del Garda was already inhabited during Roman age. Until it was mentioned the first time in 879 it was almost forgotten. Back than it was a present for the monks of San Zeno in Verona. In 1220 it was bought by Franz of Assis who built a hermitage which was converted into a monastery. Until 1797 when Napoleon closed the monastery it was a safe haven for the monks.

Afterwards the owner of the island changed and also the names some of them are island of monks, island lechi, island scotti and many more. Nowadays the official name is “Isola del Garda”.

From 1890 to 1903 the monastery was rebuild into a Venetian neo-Gothic villa. Nowadays the island is privately owned by the family Cavazza. The park and the garden was designed and structured by Duke Gaetano de Ferrari and his wife archduchess Maria Annenkoff from 1880 to 1900.

The Garden at Isola del Garda
The Garden at Isola del Garda

From April to October the family Cavazzi offers a 2 hours tour on the island. On the tour you can see the lush Italian and English gardens with exotic plants and trees and the amazing villa. The owner duke Cavazzi conducts the tours personally. It is necessary to book before. The torus are in English, German or Italian. The island is also a popular place for events like concerts, weddings, conferences and photo shootings.

During the ferry crossing from Lazise, Bardolino, Garda, Desenzano del Garda, Sirmione, Moniga del Garda or Manerba del Garda you get some beverages and typical local specialties and are included in the price.

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