Language schools at Lake Garda

What about attending a language course at Lake Garda? The largest lake of Italy is not only a holiday resort, but with its numerous language schools it offers the possibility to learn Italian or to deepen the existing language skills. The dreamlike environment and the mild climate provide a comfortable learning atmosphere.

View over the Lake Garda
View over the Lake Garda

There are various reasons to make a language holiday at Lake Garda. On one hand learning Italian is getting more and more important in the business world. On the other hand learning Italian is very useful when you spent your holiday at Lake Garda or somewhere else in Italy. You are able to communicate with the locals and can avoid misunderstandings. A third reason might be that some people love to learn languages and like to fiddle with grammar and vocabulary all day.

The high density of language schools is a result of people from other countries living and working in the tourism sector at Lake Garda. For them it is very important to be able to communicate with their colleagues, their employees, their superiors or their Italian guests.

Attending a language course in Italian at Lake Garda is perfect for people who are also interested in the culture of the country. There are a lot of interesting sights near Lake Garda. Venetia, Verona, the Rocca Scaligera at Sirmione, the castle Tenno and the Arena di Verona. Those are only some examples. There is much more to explorer.

The variety of accommodations is large at Lake Garda for example hotels, holiday homes and camping sites. But most of the people who attend the courses prefer to stay in an Italian family. This way they can use and deepen the learned language skills in everyday life. A conversion during the meals improves the ability to express oneself in Italian tremendously. The hospitality of the Italian families has produced a lot of long lasting friendships. Therefore most people who attend a second or third language course live with their first guest family. Most of the students come back to Lake Garda so spend their next holiday and to meet the people they embosomed.

The climatic conditions might be one of the main reasons to make a language holiday at Lake Garda. No matter when you visit Lake Garda you will not find much rain and for those who love bathing in the sun or jump into the water after the language course is in the right place at Lake Garda.

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