Torbole - Nago

Torbole - Nago

The community Torbole has about 2,900 inhabitants and is located on the northern shore of Lake Garda. The community has two parts called Torbole and Nago. Torbole is the part that is directly at Lake Garda and Nago is a mountain village about 150 meters above Lake Garda.
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Sports at Torbole

Due to the good wind conditions and the prohibition of motorboats Torbole is one of the sport centres for windsurfers and water sports in general in Europe. The wind conditions are a result of the mountains around Torbole. The many surf and sailing schools offer course for beginners and pros. Climbing and mountain biking is also very famous amongst holidaymakers in Torbole. The hinterland and the mountains have various routes with different levels of difficulty.

Sights at Torbole

The gorgeous fishing harbour of the Torbole is from the times when the town was a dreamy village of fishermen. It gives an impression how life was back then. The small custom house at the harbour heightens the experience. It was installed by the end of World War I and marked the border between Italy and Austria.

The plaque of Torbole was hung up to recall the visit of the famous poet and writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in Torbole. During his visit in 1786 he spent the night at the green “Casa Alberit”, which still can be visited. And when the visitor is already in the old town he should go and see the painting on the facade of “Casa Beust” by Hand Lietzmann, which shows the holy Antonio speaking to the fish. This painting illustrates vividly how important faith was. On the edge of the rocks behind Torbole is the castle Penada.

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